Does this look familiar? If it does read on.

What Chance does your mailbox have against this?

The PlowProof support arm is a unique, patented, strong and stable arm to support your mailbox that rotates 180 degrees away from traffic.  If the PlowProof support arm is hit by a wall of snow from a snowplow, the arm and your mailbox should pivot out of the way keeping your mailbox intact.

Thoroughfare Support Arm Click on video to see the Support Arm in action



Or if the homeowner lives on a busy street the homeowner can easily retrieve their mail without stepping into the path of oncoming traffic.

Thoroughfare Support Arm rotated 90 degrees Thoroughfare InstallationBoulevard Support ArmBoulevard Installation

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Click here to see the Thoroughfare  Support Arm and mailbox installsion information.

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Click here to see the Boulevard Support Arm and mailbox installsion information.


In addition, PlowProof offers reflective artwork that can make your mailbox and home unique.  It is printed on highly reflective 3M type material applied to 22 gauge powder coated steel plates which mounts easily onto the PlowProof Support arm with just four screws.  The reflective material makes the mailbox visible from more than 1,000 feet away in a car’s headlights. Not only does the reflective artwork make your mailbox easier to see, but now people can look for the 12” x 18” artwork instead of 3 inch numbers pasted on the side of the mailbox.

Artwork seen in daylight Artwork seen at 1,000 feet by a car's headlight


Nothing is indestructible.  The PlowProof support arm is designed to survive impacts from snow better than any fixed arm mailbox support system. No mailbox can survive a baseball bat even if the arm it is mounted on rotates.  But your mailbox will stand a better chance on a PlowProof support arm than on a wood arm post.

Patent # 7997545